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Scott Capital Consulting was created to help investors make informed decisions about the deployment of investment capital.

Attorney Scott

Damon M. Scott, Esq.


Damon's background includes roles as a transaction consultant and commercial lender.  A graduate of Indiana University, Damon and also holds degrees from the DePaul University Graduate School of Business and Western Michigan University Law School.  A native of Gary, Indiana, Damon is an avid golfer and a budding jazz pianist.  Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, the Appel Room in particular, is his favorite place to be, followed by the Blue Note.

Admitted to Practice:

Georgia State Courts

Georgia Court of Appeals

Georgia Supreme Court

United State Tax Court

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Professional Associations:

Georgia Trial Lawyer's Association

American Academy of Attorney-CPAs

A History of Client Service

​The Founder of Scott Capital Consulting, Damon M. Scott, began his career in the transaction advisory practice of a global public accounting firm where he performed financial due diligence on middle market companies being acquired by private equity firms. 

In one of his first transactions, a Chicago private equity firm acquired the bicycle division of a recreational equipment company. The firm merged the division into an existing company and sold it three years later for $310 million. The due diligence for that acquisition, and others like it, provided insights on the characteristics of assets and operations that were significantly undervalued.

The largest solo engagement completed by Mr. Scott occurred when a New York private equity firm sought to acquire a sewing pattern company valued at roughly $68 million. After removing non-recurring revenue and discounts that significantly decreased the durability of the firm's revenues, the final valuation was closer to $42 million.  The due diligence on that company, and others like it, provided insights on the characteristics of assets that were significantly overvalued. 

After leaving public accounting, Mr. Scott joined Chicago's premier middle market commercial lender where he was trained to risk rate companies based on cash flow as a middle market banker. He underwrote credit approval requests for many different kinds of companies in the bank's general lending, dealer finance and managed assets divisions.


As an Assistant Vice President and Small Business Relationship Manager, Mr. Scott served the community by financing start-ups, franchises and growing businesses. Key among them was WHT Hott 1075 in Bermuda, a start-up radio station Mr. Scott helped to finance for a local program manager at WGCI in Chicago. Mr. Scott was eventually tapped by a global brokerage firm to join its commercial lending division as a Vice President and Credit Relationship Manager where he remained until leaving for law school.


Helping clients identify which acquisitions to proceed with and which to avoid proved to be immensely rewarding and served as the catalyst for this practice.  Mr. Scott's competitive advantage is that he understands the risks associated with starting, growing or buying small businesses and franchises.  As an attorney, Mr. Scott is able to protect investors by recognizing and structuring the risks when investors enter contractual relationships of all kinds, including: franchising; commercial leases; debt and equity financing; dispositions; and acquisitions. See the testimonials.

Whether you are a professional investment company with pooled capital or a new entrepreneur putting your life savings on the line, Scott Capital Consulting will leave no stone unturned to find the critical factors material to your proposed acquisition.

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